And the blog stops, again, in a blur of fun and happiness - I am someone who writes when the mood turns a little bittersweet. Otherwise, I am too busy laughing and dancing, and probably screaming, to scurry thoughts away on the page. I write my best when feeling only a tempered joy. Obviously I… Continue reading homething

self care magic

Recent expressions of gratitude and effluvient love for the universe. In the spirit of giving thanks and thanks giving, y'all. Here are some curated-but-not-cured, raw-as-activated-almonds kind of thoughts, collected from my notebooks. ~ My tears are my prayers. Happy or sad, they cleanse me. The elements as they exist in the body. The earth cries… Continue reading self care magic

a year in review

Thank you, sweet retrospection, for allowing me to weave together a narrative so easily from what felt like a swirling unknown. This account is on the one hand, a navel-gazing reflection on my last year, and on the other, a swan dive into my learnings on consciousness, healing, and some Vedic philosophy. This is how… Continue reading a year in review